The Lag Stick Golf Swing Training Aid

The Lag Stick Golf Swing Training Aid

Learn how to Lag the golf club on plane like the best ball strikers in the world.
  • Use the Lag Stick in any one of your golf clubs
  • Hit golf balls while using the Lag Stick
  • Learn how to LAG the golf club ON PLANE
  • See and feel how the great ball strikers attack the ball
  • Start taking divots after the ball
  • Escape the bunkers with ease
  • Increase clubhead speed
  • Learn how to hit straight, compressed golf shots
  • Gain distance and accuracy
  • Learn how to impart backspin


Buy your Lag Stick today and take control of your ball flight! Simply put, "lag" is a source of leverage, and one of the most important factors in golf swing speed. Little or no lag causes serious swing problems, and many amateurs release the lag too soon by unhinging their wrists, leading to all kinds of fat shots, thin shots, loss of distance, slices and shanks. Lag is generated when the golfer’s clubhead stays behind the hands in the downswing and into the proper release point of the swing.Creating lag is the hidden move shared by ALL powerful hitters, turning a seemingly smooth and rhythmic motion into impressive clubhead speed. The longer you learn to preserve this lag, the more speed you can generate and the farther the ball will go when you do finally release the club through impact.
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