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Wilson Launch Pad FY Hybrid

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OUR TAKE: Hybrids are great friends to golfers of all levels. But Wilson’s latest entry to the category is an especially staunch ally to newbies, 90-plus shooter and anyone, really, who struggles with a slice. In Golf’s testing, the Launch Pad line lived up to the marketing behind them, with their draw-biased traits and lightweight heads, which helped increase ball speeds while limiting errors to the right. 

THE DETAILS: In its own lab testing, Wilson found that a 41-inch shaft paired with a 19.5-degree face was the easiest-to-hit combination for golfers with 10-handicaps and higher. Along with those specs, the Launch Pad FY also has an ultra-light club head and a springy face for power and forgiveness, making it a natural replacement for such hard-to-hit clubs as 3-irons, 3-hybrids 7-woods.

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