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Cobra King Tour MIM Irons

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"Technological marvel"

OUR TAKE: Knowing where the ball impacts the face can tell you a lot about where your game is headed. Missing it off the heel or toe consistently could be a sign that your clubs aren’t fit properly — or a lesson is in your future. Testers gave Cobra’s King Tour MIM high marks in the feel department. “My favorite by far,” one tester proclaimed. “I’m getting a responsive feel that tells what’s going on at impact.” A new manufacturing process — more on that in a moment — plays a role in the superior feel. So, too, does a thermoplastic polyurethane insert situated in the cavity that’s built to mitigate unwanted vibrations at impact.

THE DETAILS: Using a mixture of 304 stainless steel metal powder, Cobra designers were able to create an iron using a metal injection molding process typically reserved for finely shaped weights housed inside confined spaces. (Think tungsten weights crammed into a hollow-cavity iron.) The end result is a softer feel at impact that’s comparable to many carbon steel forgings. A tungsten toe weight also helps reposition the center of gravity behind the sweet spot to deliver a tighter dispersion with rock-solid stability.

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