Srixon Z585 Driver

Z585 Driver

One of two new drivers introduced by Srixon in the fall of 2018, the Z585 offers a classic, traditional aesthetic, while including technical features that increase the speed of the ball off the face at impact similar to the Z785 Driver, but with enhanced forgiveness.
  • New Ti51AF Cup Face
  • Removable sole weight to customize swingweight
  • Lightweight carbon crown for a lower, deeper, and more forgiving CG

About this Club

Srixon puts the same Ti51AF Cup Face and lightweight carbon crown used in its Tour-grade Z785 into a friendlier package with the Z585 driver. That means the same 3 mph ball speed improvement over the Z565, worth about 10 yards. Designed to produce a high, straight ballflight, this one features a slight draw bias and adjustable swing weights, but not an adjustable hosel. 

Fitter Comment

Best for mid-high handicaps but can work for almost anyone who wants solid all-around performance. Produce impressive ball speeds that, like the Z785, take Srixon to the next level in terms of distance.

Club Specs

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